Our Programs

Our Programs

Each of our programs is the result of careful research and and a close connection with sources, representing our music in its wider contexts.

  • Nova Europa

    A program dedicated to the European colonial past and its music.

  • Missa Mundi

    A mass of Iberian music from the great polyphonic music to the still surviving folkloric traditions.

  • Contar / Cantar

    A day in the life of an imaginary village from a forgotten Portugal.

  • Dediée au Public

    A baroque pocket opera, from the Parisian tragédies of the XVIII century to your living room!

  • Ridendo

    Music, theatre and satire come together in a concert devoted to the Portuguese author Gil Vicente.

  • Vieze Liedjes

    Seconda Prat!ca explores the lesser known, spicier side of the Dutch Golden Age and its songs.